Celebrate the moms in your life with our limited time Mother’s Day pack, which includes SkinDu Moisturizing Mist, Firming Facial Cleaner, and Transfusium for only $112!  What’s more, each pack comes with our brush set, a collection of our Mineral Eye Shadow and a ‘Hers’ mug, absolutely free!

So show your mom, your friend, or even yourself  some love and spoil them with the gift of great skin and bright eyes. And to all you wonderful mothers out there, you mean the world to everyone in it! Happy Mother’s Day!


You can find the Mother’s Day Promo in the Back Office shopping cart.  The pack includes brush set, Mineral Eye Shadow (Bronzer Shimmer & Daybreak, Gold Dust & Brown Topaz), ‘Hers’ coffee mug.  Also receive 112PV, 100BV.